Coach transfer: Open Air Museum - Strochitsy (between the villages Strochitsy and Small Lake)

There are many open-air museums in the world, and they are very popular among visitors. They can differ according to the concept, forms of work, the exposed subjects, etc. Such museums – one of the ways to preserve the monuments of history and culture in the conditions close to natural. One of them is the Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Life "Strochitsy". It’s located just 5 kilometers from Minsk on the banks of the picturesque River Ptich. It’s situated between villages and lakes. Museum "Strochitsy" presents folk, traditional culture of Belarus, its regional and local features. One of important and absolutely equal element to the museum exposition is its landscape.

In post-war years, during intensive construction in Belarus when living conditions of life of inhabitants of villages improved and agro-industrial complexes were under construction, there was a real threat of destruction ancient wooden buildings – monuments of architecture and national material culture.

In 1976 museum creation began.  Today the structure of an exposition of the Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Life "Strochitsy" includes about 40 objects, some of them is on restoration.

Three ethnographic region of Belarus: Central Belarus, Dnieper and Lakeland are presented here. The buildings of the regions of Belarus are collected. Visitors can see the Church of the Holy Protection of the 18th century, the church - parish school, a windmill, forge, barn, Russian bath, cottages of rich and poor peasants. At the territory of the museum works an antique tavern where you can taste traditional Belarusian dishes.

Upstream Ptich, in a place where it flows into a small river Menka, visitors can see the ancient settlement which, according to scientists, is an initial place of the basis of Minsk.

 A fascinating exhibition of the museum, of course, will appeal to every visitor. A trip to the museum not marred transportation troubles, we suggest you to use a simple and reliable service – car hire. Our company will help you to decide on organizational matters related to transport.

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