Car rental rules


The minimum time of granting a car is 1-2 hours from the moment after reservation. 

We always offer another similar option if your chosen car is over. We always take into account your wishes about the brand, model, car body and color of the required car.


The cost of renting a car depends on the service plan, class of vehicle and the lease period in accordance with the rates.

The rent includes the following services: car rental, inspection and maintenance, the provision of replacement vehicle of the same class, round the clock technical support, insurance liability within the deposit, all taxes.

The rent does not include: fuel, fines, paid parking.

Required Documents

Passport (national passport for foreigners )

Driver licence

Requirements for a Tenant

Age from 21 years

Driving experience of at least 2 years


Pick-up begins from the moment of signing of the delivery-acceptance certificate of transfer vehicle.

The car is leased for a period of not less than 24 hours (one day) after receiving the car. At rent for a shorter term payment is charged as a full day.

Delay to return the car at time from 2 to 6 hours costs as 0.5 days paid rent, more than 6 hours –as a day. At a car delay within 2 hours additional payment isn't raised.


Choose a car to taste

Прокат автомобиля Hyndai Sonata - 90$Прокат автомобиля с водителем - Мерседес S221 - 40$ в часMitsubishi Pajero  - 30$ в час / без водителя 130$ в суткиПрокат автомобиля Hyundai Tucson “Cat” - 25$ в час / 110$ в суткиПрокат автомобиля Hyundai Tucson “Panther” - 25$ в час / 110$ в суткиПрокат автомобиля Hyundai Tucson “Puma” - 25$ в час / 110$ в суткиПрокат Kia Cerato / КИА Церато - Silver - 60$ в суткиПрокат автомобиля Kia Cerato “Kelly” - 20$ в час / 60$ в суткиПрокат автомобиля Kia Cerato “White” - 20$ в час / 60$ в суткиПрокат автомобиля Toyota Corolla - 15$ в час / 70$ в суткиПрокат автомобиля Volkswagen Jetta - 70$ в суткиПрокат автомобиля Nissan Sunny “Black” - 50$ в суткиПрокат автомобиля Nissan Sunny “Shiny” - 50$ в суткиПрокат автомобиля Volkswagen Polo - 55$ в суткиПрокат Volkswagen Caravelle - 90$ в сутки

Rent payment

100% advance in Belarusian rubles in cash, credit card or bank transfer.

At the conclusion of the lease contract of the car the Tenant brings the deposit which size depends on a class of the chosen vehicle and service plan. The deposit is a guarantee of observance by the Tenant of provisions of the lease and comes back after signing of the act of returning the car.

Payment is made for the entire rental period. When you check in ahead of time is recalculated based on the actual time of using the car + one day period. At the end of the contract period may be extended at the request of the Tenant.


All vehicles have been insured on the terms of obligatory insurance of responsibility before the third party, and also insurance against accidents of the driver and all passengers.

If it’s an insurance event the Tenant bears responsibility for:

1) within the deposit in the case of an event caused by the Tenant or absence of the defendant.

2) "0" - the absence of Tenant’s fault

In case of breach of the contract the Tenant assumes all financial responsibility for the damage caused to the company, including the full cost of repair and replacement parts, as well as compensation of claims of the third parties.

Delivery and return of the vehicle

The car is provided with completely filled tank, clean, equipped with all necessary facilities (the conditioner, the regular audio system, Pit Stop set, a spare wheel).

When you return the car with an incomplete tank / dirty renter pays for refueling and washing the car according to the rates for additional services.

If the external condition of the returning car makes it difficult to examine, the examination must be only after washing. The lesser may refuse to issue a vehicle without explanation, notifies the client of at least 2 hours prior to the proposed issuance of the car.


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