Benefits of car rental in the UAE

It’s a common knowledge – when in Rome do as Romans do. This proverb suits any sphere of life perfectly, but it is especially true when you travel to another country. Going on vacation to the United Arab Emirates be prepared to the fact that everything in this country is different from what you are accustomed to. These differences may be especially striking if you come here for the first time. You’ll feel like the world has turned turtle. For example, your experience shows that in Russia only very wealthy people may take advantage of luxury car rental and Dubai (см. will prove you the opposite.

You’ve always dreamed to drive Ferrari, Lamborghini or Toyota, but you don’t possess enough assets for the purchase of such vehicles still you have no desire to pay the four-digit sums for the rental? In Dubai you have a chance to make your dreams come true. Local car rental agencies offer tourists plenty of luxury cars at affordable prices. Even if you were counting on a low-budget holiday, after analyzing all pros and cons you’ll realize that to rent a car is very profitable. Why is it so in the UAE?

What attracts tourists who come here? Local sightseeings first of all and travel agencies offer a variety of tours to all corners of the country. For a certain amount of money you can visit any showplace. But ...the tour price averages at $70. Inexperienced tourists buy these tours and go to the destination point in the stuffy bus passenger compartment.

What do experienced travelers do? They rent luxury cars and go anywhere they want and pay only the cost of entrance tickets, which are rarely very high.

What's the benefit?

First, to rent a practically new economy class car for a week will cost you about $120, a luxury car rent will be a bit more expensive. But in fact, instead of buying two tours you can travel 7 days around Dubai for the same money, enjoying not only historical landmarks and beautiful landscapes but also driving a luxury vehicle. In this case you won’t be under any supervision and nobody will hurry you up.

Second, Dubai can boast of a very cheap gasoline and excellent roads.

It’s worth mentioning that the premium class car rent already includes insurance against theft and damage. To conclude a contract for vehicle hire you need to have passport, international driving license and credit card. The procedure itself takes only a few minutes, and after its completion you can enjoy your Dubai holiday and forget about everything except the traffic rules.


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