Car services rentals Касагранде

Historically, companies providing car rental services often locate their offices in major cities, airports, railway stations and seaports. The reason is that such an arrangement is the most profitable for clients of these firms.

Very often visitors of our city need the car rental for various purposes: business trips, tourism, etc. It’s also convenient to use such a service, if you are currently having some difficulties with your own car, if you want to arrange a meeting, deliver guests or go for a visit yourself. Sloping wedding train is always popular, too. Taking a car you can try out the real quality of a certain brand of the car you intend to buy.

Our company is located in the center of the city, offers the largest selection of car rental services.

The mission of our company is to simplify your life by offering cars for rent. With our help, transportation problems disappear when traveling in or around the city. Field trips, to a country boarding house, house for rest – the task becomes simple and convenient. Getting around the country to reach any point of – it is not difficult. Our professional drivers have all the necessary professional qualities, but, if you want, you can rent a car without a driver and enjoy the freedom of movement.

Our services:   

  •  Short term car rental without driver   
  •  Short-term car hire with driver  
  •  Long-term lease    
  • Transfer to airports   
  • Car for weekend

Do you want to go to any show events or to the country collectively with all your family, but there are only 5 seats in the car? For these purposes the company "Касагранде" ready to offer you vans and SUVs (minibuses and jeeps). 8-seater Volkswagen «Caravella» or 7-seater Mitsubishi «Pajero» are always for you! With these roomy, comfortable cars you can easy organize your family or corporate leisure.

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