Tourist shuttle - museum complex Dudutki, Belarus

The main task of any museum is to preserve the country's traditional culture and transfer this knowledge to succeeding generations. Activity of the open-air museum complex "Dudutki" is also directed on preservation of traditional Belarusian culture. Here, in addition to the classic option of museum’s activity – excursion and tour organization – another form is also implemented.

There’s an active impact on all 5 biological channels of information perception (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell) during excursion. Tourists can take an exhibit in hands and even to take part in technological process.

Visitors can feel a smell and also try ready-made products. As in a museum visitors can under the leadership of the skilled master work at the forge anvil or potter's wheel. The newly made handicraftsman takes away a finished product for memory. So the person becomes the active founder in traditional Belarusian culture.

This museum fascinating project’s developed for children. A child in the course of such interactive excursion acquires information much better. 

The food typical for the middle of the XIX century is made here. Visitors are suggested to try moonshine with original Belarusian traditional snack, cheese and bread, house oil, sauerkraut, bacon, potatoes. This is so acquainted with traditional crafts. The process itself is a demonstration of treats elements of the national culture. The excursion program includes horseback riding and visiting the farm.

Museum also organizes historical reconstructions.

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