Braslav Lakes National Park

In the north-west of the Republic of Belarus is one of the most beautiful pieces of the country – the National Park "Braslav Lakes" Intricate lace of lakes was created here by a glacier. Difficult hollows of the lakes Strusto, Nespish, Snuda, Nedrovo are especially fine.  The second-large island of Belarus – Chaychin, is on Strusto's lake.  There’s the internal reservoir on this island.  The Braslav lakes are the southern border of the relic invertebrates’ distribution, serving as pure water indicators.

Landscape, flora and fauna of these places are both typical for Belarus lake area and for the Baltic lake districts.

Here you can see the rarest form of relief – eskers – ridges that extend for hundreds of meters, and sometimes that of kilometers covered with juniper heathland and forest.

The great number of various animals – nearly 45 species of mammals lives in the territory of the National Park.  

Several species of animals are listed in the Red Book of Belarus - a brown bear, lynx and badger. It’s home to 200 species of birds, 45 of which are listed in the Red Book, 6 species of reptiles and 10 species of amphibians and 30 species of fish.

All of these natural riches steadily attract a huge number of tourists in reserved places. There’re tourist’s bases "Drivyaty", "Slobodka", "Zolovo", "Leoshki", museums, a sauna, a set of equipped places for tourist parking on a nature bosom for a pleasant rest.

There’s also a possibility of amateur fishing. Hunting service offers the organization of hunting tours, but hunting activity is carried out of the National Park.

The National Park offers a fascinating excursion program. There’re many archaeological sites, as well as original folk and religious architecture. There are day off rounds for adults and children. Annually the regional festival of amateur folk "Braslav summer lightning" and the Holiday of crafts take place in the Park.

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