Attractions in Minsk

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While in Minsk, it’s possible to admire the beauty of our city, his traditions and long history. Minsk was first mentioned in "The Tale of Bygone Years" in 1067, as one of the cities of the Principality of Polotsk. Since the XIIIth century Minsk was in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and expanded rapidly, in 1499 received Magdeburg right. But in the XVII century as a result of protracted wars the city's economy was undermined. In 1793 Minsk was connected to the Russian Empire. Since 1873, after the railway Moscow – Warsaw had been laid, the development of the city renewed. In the XX century two world wars razed the city to the ground. But Minsk revived and became the most beautiful city of Belarus.

Arriving to Minsk by train right after you exit are the glass doors of the city's new ultramodern Central Train Station (one of the sights of the city). Straight in front of you on both sides of Kirov Street is the so-called Minsk Gate, two vast 1950s housing complexes complete with towers.

Not far from the station is Nezavisimosti (Independence) Square, which begins the city's main street, of which the central segment is known as Nezavisimosti (Independence) Avenue, the most interesting part of which is to Pobeda (Victory) Square.

At Nezavisimosti Square is the red brick Church of Sts. Simon & Helena ("Red Church"), probably the most famous landmark in Minsk.

On Oktyabrskaya (October) Square is the grandiose Palace of the Republic and "zero kilometer" – a small sign that indicates the distance to all regional cities, regional centers and capital cities of neighboring states.

Further about Nezavisimosti Avenue is the Circus, and then the Central Children's Park of Gorky. On the opposite side is a beautiful park of Y. Kupala.

And finally is Pobeda Square, the center of which is an eternal flame and a 40-foot granite obelisk.

Here it is spoken only about several sights of our city. Having rented the car in our company, you will be able easily to reach any of interesting historical or cultural sights of Minsk. And not only of Minsk, but of all Belarus. In a situation when active movement is supposed, to rent a car helps you to solve this problem.

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