Children's Railway and the zoo

During your stay in Minsk, our company will simplify your life by offering cars for rent. Transportation problems disappear with our help. We are pleased to help you to get to the airport or train station, or to your address and back at the end of your visit to Minsk. Transfer to airport (train station) - hotel - airport (train station), as well as car hiring, is popular all over the world. And Minsk isn’t the exception to this rule. We are pleased to offer this reliable, convenient and affordable service. You can use any options of car rental - with or without a driver.

Mayby your children together with you? Certainly they need to be entertained traveling cheerful and fascinating. For this purpose there’s a set of possibilities in Minsk.

Young travelers will surely be interested in Minsk Children's Railway named by Zaslonov. Today, two passenger trains "Capital Express" carry children by this rail. Each train consists of a locomotive and six carriages.

Children's Railway works from May 1 to the last Sunday of September.

work time:

May - Saturday and Sunday 11:00-18:00

Summer months - Saturday and Sunday 11:00-18:00, Thursday 11:00-14:50

As a rule, it’s very interesting to visit Minsk Zoo. The zoo collection consists of exotic animals and rare fauna of Belarus. Waterfowl all year-round live on natural peaceful backwater of Svisloch. At the zoo there’re two exhibitions and a dolphinarium. There’s also a wonderful contact pad, where visitors can pet domestic pigs and goats. In summer there’re entertaining attractions. In holidays you can take part in theatrical performances, quizzes, contests and promotions with prizes at the zoo.

Zoo is open all day long, seven days a week without interruption for a dinner from 10.00 to 18.00, on holidays and weekends - from 9.00 to 18.00

It’s our job to make simple to you to reach to these places of entertainments. The transport problems are solved with our help.

We do all for leaving a very good impression of a trip by our rental car.

Choose a car to taste:

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