Car rental news

For such cases the rental fleet of the company Касагранде offers economy class cars which cost of rent doesn't exceed $50-60. Affairs are argued, you remain the master of the situation and don't depend on the driver. And your car meanwhile renders service.

Our company works in convenient time (9:00 to 20:00) that allows you to pick up the car for rent quickly. Registration of the car renting takes only 10-15 minutes and you are ready to drive a new car which for a while replaces your own one being under repair. The main thing – to take necessary documents (the passport and the driver's license).

In "Anzur" prices for car rentals vary  

• Depending on the chosen class of the car

• Term of rent of the car. There are progressive discounts for car rent for a period of 3 days. Details specify at the manager of our company. +375 (29) 636-17-23 [Velcom]

• We work in cooperation with a whole number of service stations and dealer centers of Belarus. Carrying out repair work of your car in these companies, we are ready to offer you discount for car hire.

We have a large fleet of new cars, and you’ll be from choosing.  And even if you have chosen the most expensive car to rent, you will save your time and therefore money.

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